Monday, May 7, 2012

Quotable Quotes: Drinking and Adventuring Don't Mix, Part One!

*Spoilers without a designated driver ahead!*

Easily one of the funniest scenes in "ME3" -- if you saved Ashley back in the day in the first game, that is! -- comes after she's given a bad idea. And it seemed like such a GOOD one at the time...! xD

*FemShep finds Williams...uh, lying on the floor of the Observation Deck!*

FemShep: "Williams??"
Ashley: "Uh...!"
FemShep: "What have we here?"
Ashley: "Ma'am, I' Your voice. Ma'am. Not so loud, please, thank you."
FemShep: "Why are you curled up on the floor?"
Ashley: "Am I? Ohhh, my heavy. Can't move."
FemShep: "Ah! Enjoy your evening?"
Ashley: "I'll be back to work in 30...uh...maybe 40, I-I swear. Just...give me 45 minutes. Shh! Shhhh..."

FemShep: "How did you end up in this sorry state?"
Ashley: "Just wanted to let off some steam. Vega said he had 'just the thing' to take my mind off stuff."
FemShep: "And did that 'thing' come in a bottle?"
Ashley: "Yes."
FemShep: "This empty bottle?"
Ashley: "It's...empty? Oh, boy."
FemShep: "Is it time to test the fire alarm? You know, I think it is!"
Ashley: "I'll pay you a million credits not to do that, ma'am."
FemShep: "Two million and we have a deal."
Ashley: "Uh! You're a damn space pirate."
FemShep: "I could order Joker to sing to you over the comm."
Ashley: "I hate you."
FemShep: "'I hate you...?'"
Ashley: "Ma'am."

FemShep: "As you were, Williams!"
Ashley: "Mmmmm...cold floor."

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