Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quotable Quotes: Too Much Info, Part Deux!

*Or, what happens when Shepard walks into the Medical Bay at the wrong moment? By the way, contains SPOILERS if you haven't played "ME3"!* xD

FemShep walks in as Mordin is doing, uh, scientific stuff as he talks to Joker by intercom; Eve is sitting on one of the beds...

Mordin: "Certainly possible. Would require strengthening exercises. Get muscles to support weaker bone structure."
Joker: "Right. Yeah, I can do that."
"Alloy of EDI's body not flexible like organic tissue. Could cause unintentional damage. Recommend pillows, cushions, possibly gel packs."
Joker: "Okay, that's a little weird, but...yeah, all right. Cushions!"
Mordin: "Positioning critical to success. Can forward EDI charts, videos with relevant data."
Joker: "No, no-no! Let's, uh...uh, EDI's pretty busy with, you know, stuff. Let's...let's uh, just send that to me. Uh, you're not gonna tell anyone about this, right? Like Shepard? Shepard doesn't really need to know."
Mordin: "Ah. Guarantee Shepard won't learn about it from me."
Joker: "Sh-she's standing right there, isn't she?"
Eve: "I wish I wasn't."

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