Friday, March 30, 2012

Beautifully diverting!

*Okay, some SPOILERS here and there, so be careful!*

A lot of characters in the "Mass Effect" trilogy have a 'thing'. I went into how Garrus is calibration-happy just the other post...for other examples: Kasumi's a peeper; Jacob, Miranda and Tali have dad issues (but in all three cases, that can be resolved with their fathers dying!); Shepard likes to interrupt folks, especially when he's/she's feeling Renegade; and Kaidan's WAY too mellow. I suspect he smokes pot! Even Liara has something she's preoccupied with or defines her -- she's a digger, and gets a little too happy looking for Prothean stuff when she's not digging for information gold as the Shadow Broker. However, we've seen Garrus turn away from calibrating, thanks to Tali. <3

So...what -- or who! -- can divert Liara from her Prothean-hunting?

If you're a FemShep fan like me, you already know the answer to that question! ^_^

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