Tuesday, March 6, 2012


"Consider yourself reinstated, Commander!" -- Admiral Anderson

No matter what path you've taken (or how many paths), whether you've been John Shepard or a beautiful woman warrior, however much you've already affected the galaxy with your choices...those choices will continue to resonate as you're forced to make the hardest decisions a hero could imagine.

Finally, "Mass Effect 3" has arrived! And you will decide the fate of the galaxy. As Miranda would say, no pressure.

And yes, I totally got the Collector's Edition. :D Seriously, to my fellow "ME" fans, good luck!

(Again, as always, this blog is for entertainment purposes only, and isn't meant to infringe on existing copyrighted material or upon properties of Bioware or Electronic Arts. I'm simply sharing this with my fans, as always, and I'm not profiting or seeking to profit from it in any way!)

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