Saturday, March 24, 2012

Okay, let's get away from the ending for a while... center on one of the coolest moments in "Mass Effect 3"! :D [Warning: this post SPOILS!]

(But this happens only if your MaleShep didn't romance Tali, or your FemShep didn't romance Garrus!)

Shepard walks in to see Garrus and Tali having an intimate moment together!

Shepard: "!"
Tali: "Oh!"
Garrus: "Oh, we were just, uh..."
Tali: "I-I, well, I just, ah, I came to say good-bye, and...well..."
Garrus: "Ahh, I-I think one of my mandibles got hooked on her helmet...!"
Tali: "It might have caused a rupture, so I asked him to check!"
Garrus: "Well, you know, because of uh, infection risks, didn't want to jeapordize the mission, um..."
Tali: "So-o..."
Garrus: "Yeah."
Shepard: "I'm really happy for you. Both of you."
Tali: "Thanks, Shepard."
Garrus: "A-appreciated. Guess it helps to have something to come back to."
Tali: "?? Mm, what do you mean, 'come back to'? This is just a fling, Vakarian. I'm using you for your body."
Garrus: "You're so mean. And I'm okay with that."

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